How Can I Set A Photo As Desktop Background In Windows 8.1?

Norman from Kansas City writes:

One thing I really miss in Windows 8 is being able to right click on a picture and set it as the desktop background. Is there still a way to add this to the drop down menu?

Norman that function should still be there in Windows 8.1.  Go to desktop mode and  right-click on the photo in the and you’ll see the set-as-desktop function. Make sure you go to the file for photos and not the metro/modern style photo app. If a photo is sitting on the desktop, just right-click for the option.

If you want to set a photo as the image for your lockscreen – go to the photos app on the metro screen and select the Set as option for the image you want. You can make it your lock screen image or the image representing photos on your photo tile.

~ Cynthia

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  1. Also look into a program called John’s Background Switcher. It can rotate your pictures for a certain time interval or get pictures from the internet using keywords you specify. No more boring desktop wallpaper!

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