Why Defend Windows 8?

Clair from Downington, Pennsylvania writes:

I can’t understand why every time someone asks a question or puts down Windows 8 you always defend it. I work in IT and almost everyone just doesn’t seem to like it. I have it on one of computers and I find it a bit clunky although I do believe it has its uses. I just wonder if Microsoft is giving you a kickback?

Clair, Microsoft isn’t giving me a kickback – if anything I’ve kicked a whole lot of money their way purchasing a Windows 8 Surface Pro and an Office 365 subscription in 2013.  Here’s why you often find me “defending” Windows 8. First of all, I like it. It’s a decent little operating system once you know your way around it. I’m fortunate in that my job requires me know my way around it, so I’ve spend a great deal of time navigating it and learning the features. Not everyone has that kind of time to explore, so I like to share what I’ve found out.

Secondly, most of the people I hear from already have Windows 8. “Yep, you’re right, it’s awful.” wouldn’t be be a very helpful response to their questions and normally there is a fairly simple work-around for the issues they’re having.  I don’t think there’s any reason for people to be afraid of a Windows 8 computer. If you purchase a new PC, that’s likely the operating system that’s on it.  I’ll admit there’s a learning curve, but it’s my job to help with that learning curve.

I don’t think Windows 8 is bad, I just think it’s different. And it’s what’s available for PC. Most users really aren’t interested in switching to a Linux-based or Apple computer. Although if they hate, 8 that much , it’s certainly an option. Although considering the amount of complaints I’ve seen about iOS7 and Mavericks, things change in the Apple world as well from time to time.

But I suppose the main reason I like to emphasize the Windows 8 isn’t so bad, is that over the course of 25 years working with a variety of technology, I’ve discovered that attitude is half the battle with anything. If you believe something won’t work for you, you are absolutely guaranteed to be right. If you are sure that a program or operating system is too difficult to master, you will not master it. And I firmly believe that any reader who has used Windows XP or Windows 7 can figure out 8. It’s  only live tiles, not rocket science. Although I will admit that I couldn’t figure out why everyone hated Windows Vista so much either.

And not everyone hates Windows 8.

Christopher from West Yorkshire UK writes:

I just want to know why seems to be a lot of animosity towards Windows 8.1. I started with Win.98 in 2000. When Vista came out, I immediately upgraded, then Win7, & now Win 8.1. Some people, it seems, just don’t like change. I reckon they are just old fuddy duddies. I’m 63, & i love change, especially for the better, & I reckon 8.1 is great.


Richard DiLio from New Jersey writes:

I’m not writing to complain about Windows 8/8.1.  I think it’s great.  I would like to suggest you highlight that there is a very simple way to get a start menu not very different from the old start button.  On the desktop task bar, right click and select toolbars.  Then select Start Menu and Desktop.  All of the desktop programs are presented under “Start Menu” on the right side of the task bar, just like All Programs in the old Start Button.  If you are a bit knowledgeable, you can easily navigate to that folder and change the presentation/hierarchy of the various program folders.  I have lots of programs, so I also place the most used ones on the desktop and access that list from the Desktop toolbar, making it a bit quicker.  Not quite as elegant as the old style Start Button, but just as functional.

If you’re new to Windows 8 – please don’t be discouraged. If you have questions, feel free to ask us by clicking here.

~ Cynthia

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  1. I installed the beta of Win 8, when it was released, on an older computer, that I did not use regularly. I, too, hated it, but only because of the tiles. It was just one more step to get to where I wanted to be, and it seemed unnecessary. Now that a user can boot up to a start menu, that problem is no longer an issue. And once I got past the tiles, I has no issues. I do not currently use the Win 8 OS, but only because both of my current machines run Win 7, and they are both working well enough that I do not yet require a new computer.

  2. Thank you all I like the part you said about being positive. I need to adjust my attitude to be a little more positive. Thank you for your very informative answer and understanding of my view. I will try to look at 8 and 8.1 a little differently now and give it a chance.

  3. I wonder if those who “hate’ Windows 8 were the same folks who hated the Ribbon when it was introduced? Bet they would really hate it if MS dropped the ribbon.

    Windows 8.1 takes a little bit of getting use to…just as the ribbon did. But once you customize it to your needs it’s a great system.


  4. Perhaps many folks feel forced into w8. And considering all the effort it took to learn xp, may resent starting new. Having only ever used xp, I got started with w8 fairly fast. The upgrade to 8.1, as you told me, went very well. I do have so many questions. Thank you so much for your current and accurate articles and answers about 8.1. So far the available how to books just dont cut it. How about writing one yourself? Thanks again, your a life saver. judy

  5. Don’t know what all the fuss is about with Win8 (8.1). It’s usually the old folks like me that don’t like change but I found that it is great. Just take some time and you will get to like it.

  6. Cynthia, I commend you for your thoughtful response to Clair’s question. You covered a great deal, all with a non-judgmental outlook, as one trying to find the general truth about Windows 8 — and change in general. And it paid off immensely; Clair’s response showed she was listening to your words and your outlook. Congratulations to you both!

  7. When ever a new OS comes out we have that,,, take windows XP which everyone now loves. No one wanted it and it didn’t work with many applications and programs. Drivers were needed and time to adjust. I think in time users will see Its a very good OS. Look how far we have come from win XP, win8 is no different, and better in many of ways. Any I.t. person would know this.

  8. I agree Windows 8 needs some getting aquainted with. But 8.1 did me out of my webcam. It was compatable with 8 but not 8.1. I don’t know what I gained with 8.1 but it is at the cost of a new webcam

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