Bing Food And Drink Keeps Your Tablet Clean In The Kitchen

I’ve always said that you know a cookbook is really good when it’s covered in food stains. But as foodie who loves technology, I really don’t feel the same way about spaghetti sauce on my $1000 tablet. I have resorted to putting my tablet inside a large Zip-Loc bag when I cook. But there’s another option.

I take my tablet in the kitchen a lot. I have most of my recipes stored on my tablet as well as in the cloud and I also have quite a few recipe apps. One of the more attractive one is Bing Food and Drink. This app is automatically included in Windows 8.1. If you haven’t used it yet start typing Food & Drink on your Metro screen or into the search charm. Then tap or click the icon.

You’ll see this very attractive app that allows you to put together recipe collections, make shopping lists and meal plan.

It offers recipes from popular food sites like Epicurious.

 There’s also a dose of celebrity chefs.

 Plus articles about food culture from newspapers and magazines around the country.


You can browse recipes by category like Soups and Stews, Slow Cooker and Easy Desserts.


Here I’ve chosen Slow Cooker. I could also further refine the search by Course, Cuisie, Dietary restrictions or Major Ingredients.

 When you find a recipe you like, you can add it to your recipe collection or create a new collection.


You can also add it to your meal planner. This handy feature lets you plan out a week’s worth of meals.


Add the recipe to your grocery list and you can remind yourself to pick up some or all of the needed items.


One of the neatest features in the Hands-Free mode option, offered at the bottom of each recipe.

 Select it and you’ll be given a quick tutorial on setting it up. This mode will activate your web cam.


Using simply swiping gestures you’ll be able to navigate forward and backwards in the recipe like flipping the pages of a book.


I would suggest setting this up and trying it out before you’re ready to cook, it does take a couple of tries to get the motions just right. But even without the hands-free option, it’s still a fun little app.

 Not to leave out the drink section, there is also a lot of food and wine content plus a section on cooking techniques and tips.

 You can customize the content to feature your interests. Not a fan of cocktails? Just hit the x to remove the category.


This isn’t just for tablet users, this a great app for lovers of food or wine nomatter which Windows 8.1 device they happen to use. Check it out.  If you have 8.1, it’s already on your computer. If you have Windows 8, upgrade to 8.1 to get the app.

~ Cynthia



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