This site just recently came onto my radar via a friend who shared an article from it over Facebook. I went to explore that article and found a whole site devoted to bringing you the latest geek news and information technology and entertainment. Plus they share links to lots of cool geek stuff. 

When you arrive at the site you’ll find the latest featured materials on the main page with a navigation strip along the top. The places you can navigate to are Tech, Entertainment, Science, Gaming, Space, Weird, Features, Podcast, and Latest. You’ll also find a search field to the far right of the menu. 

While I was there one of the featured articles was about a nature documentary narrated by David Tennant featuring a spy turtle. I hope this documentary cross over to BBC America at some point so I can watch it.  There were also articles on NASA, Minecraft, Mars One and more. 

I don’t recommend that you let kids poke around the site unsupervised; I didn’t see anything that was too risque, but there were topics like drugs, and some topics had mild profanity. It’s definitely a site geared towards adult geeks and not baby geeks! But there was so many cool things, that I really wanted to share it with all of you. 

Go check it out today!


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