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Closet Cooking is an awesome food blog dedicated to creating awesome meals in a tiny (closet sized) kitchen. 

I’ll be honest it is 100 % worth visiting just to check out the amazing mouthwatering photographs. But I bet you’ll be tempted to try some of the recipes, I know I was. 

I found the site looking for Yorkshire Pudding recipes. I keep losing mine and don’t mind trying a new one each time. I made it with butter this time rather than the roast drippings and in a muffin pan rather than a glass baking dish, and I was thrilled with the results. The butter added a lovely depth of flavor to the Yorkshire Pudding and the extra egg (as opposed to my old recipe) made them super fluffy.

When you get t the site you’ll be able to navigate the entries blog-style, so all you have to do is scroll down. But you can also browse via the navigation strip, by clicking on the Recipe Index. There you’ll find them By Course, By Food Group, By Cuisine, By Type, By Cooking Method, By Diet, By One of My (the author’s) Favorite Ingredient, and Other. 

I really loved the entries on Holiday entertaining and squirreled away a few of the recipes for the next time I’m entertaining. I’m really looking forward to trying the artichoke bread, and the hot spinach and artichoke dip. They both look scrumptious.

I’d also recommend checking  out the Top 25 Recipes of 2013, It will give you the best recipes of 2013 at a glance if you don’t want to dig through the archives. 

I think I need to go make something scrumptious now, as this site has made me very hungry. You’ve been warned!


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