Matter is an awesome site dedicated to journalism on science, technology, and the future. 

When you arrive, just scroll down the page to find the latest articles featured for your perusal.  You can also swap out the latest articles for trending articles by clicking on Trending above them.

What I really love about this site is how it combines social media and new delivery. If you have a Twitter account you can follow Matter and get updates via your Twitter feed. 

If you don’t have Twitter, that’s fine too. You can browse the articles via the site just as easily. I love that they denote what the average reading time is so you know what sort of time commitment you’re getting into before you click on the article’s link.  Sometimes I just don’t have time right at the moment to read something that could take a half hour, and it’s nice to know that up front. 

I lost track of time entirely, when I read an informative article on Geneaology, DNA Testing, and Privacy Concerns. You’ll also find articles on Autism, Dream Studies, Technology, Surveillance, and much more – that’s just what was featured when I visited. 

Go check it out for yourself today!


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