How Do I Get Back To Windows 8 After A Crash

Manuel from Guevara writes:

Gentlemen, I received an offer from Microsoft and paid $15 to go from Windows 7 to Windows 8. Three months ago my hard disk died and had to buy a new one. Can you tell me how do I get back to Windows 8?

 Manuel, you were one of the consumers who were offered a  $14.99 upgrade to Windows 8 when you purchased a new Windows 7 computer. That deal was offered for only a limited time. Sorry your hard drive didn’t last very long, but you should be okay. These instructions would work for anyone who has lost a drive. I will assume you’ve reinstalled Windows 7 on your new hard drive. You will need to have the product key that Microsoft provided you for the Windows 8 upgrade.

Type run into the search box and click on the icon.

and then click Run, now type slui.exe4

You’ll get a window that allows you to pick your country and find the appropriate phone numbers for activation.

When you call, stay on the phone and wait for a person to help with the activation. Explain the situation to the customer support person.

If you have the original email with the download link for Windows 8, you can access that e-mail and redownload it. You will need to provide the appropriate product key.

 ~ Cynthia


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