In The News 01-10-2013

8.1 Poised To Pass Vista

Windows 8.1  in just about to pass Windows Vista as the 4th ranked desktop operating system. Currently Vista has 3.61% of the market while Windows 8.1 is catching up fast at 3.6%. Windows 8 and 8.1 combined stand at about 10%. Windows 7 has the lead with almost 48% of users running that operating system. 

XP is still hovering around 30%, which is troubling considering that security support ends in less that 90 days on April 8. 

Hackers Target Snapchat

Hackers targeted the popular Snapchast app, posting names and phone numbers of over 4 million users.  They got the information through a weakness in the app that has since been patched by the company.

However, these hackers say they had no malicious intent, but did it to highlight the security vulnerability that they felt the company was taking too long to patch. They blocked out the last two digits of the phone numbers and say they aren’t going to release those just yet.

 Google Says Goodbye To Bump

Bump is a popular contact and file-sharing app that works for both Android and iPhones. It lets users share information simply by bumping phones together. The app has 125 million users and Google just bought it in September.

Now they’re shutting down the app at the end of January and users will have only 30 days to export their contacts. Google has a history of buying popular services and shutting them down.

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  1. This is the second time you’ve had the same story in two different parts of the newsletter. What is up with that? Even if you had to run an old article it’s better then running the same one twice (or printing a copy of Friday’s newsletter and calling it by a different name.

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