Are you looking for daily visual inspiration? Well then you’ve found the right site to check out. Visual News brings you daily doses of visual inspiration from all around the world. 

To navigate, you can just scroll down the main page, and see the most recent featured additions. You can also browse by category by using the navigation strip along the top of the page. There you’ll find the categories: Art, Design, People, News, Technology, and Visualization.

You’ll also find the About category in the same place if you want to check out in more detail what the site is about. 

When I was there the main page featured articles on bird taxidermy and imagining new species, a humbling look at how little material things people in China have and yet how happy they can be, and a surrealist wonderland hidden in a jungle.

These certainly inspired me and filled me with wonder, although I thought the bird one was a bit weird. It was still interesting to think about how people were imagining the way the birds might be.

This is a cool site that at the very least offers inspiration for new ways to think and dream. Check it out today!