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I hate when I got to a webpage and need to print something out but there’s no print friendly option be found. I still have nightmares about printing in the  90s as a teenager; I would want to print one recipe or poem and bam, 100 pages later it would print the page I wanted. Now it’s gotten a lot better, but some places still don’t offer a print friendly option. Never fear, you can just go to Print Friendly and get a print friendly version easily. 

Navigation is easy! First you’ll need a site you want to make print friendly. You’ll copy the URL of the page you want to print and then paste it in over at Print Friendly in the blank text bar! Then click Print Preview.  It then generates a print friendly version of the page URL you pasted in. 

You can also check out the how it works video on the main page. It runs 1:42. I think the video shows exactly what I was talking about in my opening to this review. Their example site would be 16 pages and with Print Friendly it becomes 4. It also shows more deftly than I describe the options you have for minimizing excess clutter on the page you don’t want. You can remove all the images, choose sections of text not to print, all so you end up with just the information you want. 

Another great feature offered is the bookmarklet, that you can drag to your bookmark bar for easy access to Print Friendly when you’re surfing the web. If you have trouble with dragging and dropping it to your bookmark bar (I had to open a new tab in Google Chrome so I could see my bookmark bar) you can check out the Instructions link for help! (I checked Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer – there’s a button for all of them.

What are you waiting for? Go save Print Friendly to your bookmarks or use their handy button today for those time when you need to print friendly!


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  1. My problem with printing Web pages is trying to avoid all of the stupid ads on the page. Even when I am printing a receipt after paying my credit card bill or buying something and the site has a printer friendly version it still frequently includes the ads.

    Why? I am just going to stuff that receipt in an envelope with all of my others and never look at it again unless they fail to credit my payment correctly why force me to waste ink printing ads. That is why I usually just highlight the parts I want click “file/print” and then check print selection.

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