Why Won’t My E-Mails Delete?

Linda writes:

You may want to address why emails do not get deleted from the mail account when you delete them on a tablet or smartphone.  I always have to delete from my desktop or laptop also.  Double work.

It’s possible you may have your e-mail client set up as a POP account that is downloading copies of the messages from the server. Linda, since I see you have an Outlook.com e-mail address, the solution may be as simple as going to settings in your inbox.

Then select more settings. Choose Connect devices and apps with POP.

Then choose the setting that will allow your device to permanently delete the message.

Other services such as Gmail also have similar settings.

~ Cynthia


One thought on “Why Won’t My E-Mails Delete?

  1. Thanks, I hadn’t thought of that. I have a friend that asked me that question a while back and I didn’t have a good answer. I’ll tell them about this, and give you credit of course if it works.

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