In The News 01-17-2014

Digital Music Sales Fall For The First Time

Digital music sales fell for the first time since Nielsen SoundScan started keeping track of them. For 2013, they dropped 5.7%. However, digital music fared much better than physical CDs. Sales of CDs dropped 14.5%. Vinyl albums actually saw a small jump to 2% of the market.  Digital albums account for 40.6% of sales and CDs, 57.2%.

What’s to blame for the decrease in sales? Most likely steaming services like Pandora and Spotify. Instead of purchasing music, more and more younger consumers (traditionally the largest consumers of music) listen to it on apps.

 Court Orders That Anonymous Online Reviewers Reveal Identities

A court in Virgina has ordered that the identities of the people posting anonymous online Yelp reviews of a carpet cleaning company be revealed.

The court ruled that those reviews aren’t protected by free speech because it believes those people weren’t real customers of Hadeed Carpet Cleaning.

Yelp has fired back that the carpet company hasn’t shown why it needs those posters’ identities.

Google Merges Gmail & Google + Contacts

Google is merging Gmail & Google + contacts.  Google + users will now be able to e-mail someone, even if they’ve never been given that person’s e-mail address. When Gmail users start to type an message, they’ll be given suggestions from Google + connections.

The company emphasized that users are in control of whether they can be reached this way. The company has been pushing users towards Google + with features like this and Google + account requirements to comment or post on YouTube.

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