Sonos: Stream All Your Music Wirelessly

Paul from Philadelphia writes:

I recently bought a Sonos to hear my music outside.  Is there anyway to merge ITunes and WMA?  I have music on both and want it all.

 For those not familiar with the Sonos system. They make speakers that allow you to wirelessly stream music from your library or music service like Pandora, SirusXM, Spotify, Amazon Cloud Player, Songza, Hype Machine, Tunein, Rhapsody and Slacker  into the speakers. You can  control the system with an App available for Android and Apple devices.

It supports MP3, AAC+, Ogg Vorbis, Apple Lossless, WAV (uncompressed), Amazon Cloud, WMA(compressed), iTunes, Audible (format 4), Flac (lossless) and AIFF (uncompressed) formats.

That makes it very convenient to listen to music outside or to place speakers in the home. You can also copy music to a drive on some of the devices.

You should be able to add music in the WMA format to your Sonos. The computer would need to be on a wireless network and you would need to have shared music folders. During the Sonos set-up process, you should have been guided to set up shared folders.  You can add or remove the shared folders Sonos accesses music from at any time.

While WMA is a supported format, there have been issues with WMA playback from certain devices.  There are suggestions in the Sonos Support Forum that converting WMA files to another format can solve the issue.

As far as “merging” your iTunes account with other music. You can’t manage you iTunes from the Sonos app. So any changes you’d want to make to that account, would have to be done in the iTunes program on your computer.

There’s a lot of great information about adding your music collections to Sonos in their support forum.

~ Cynthia


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