Tapestry is an interesting literature project for phones. It’s all about providing a unique way to share stories as creators and readers. Check out the About Tapestry page for the full explanation of how Tapestry came to be and its intentions. 

I adore using this on my phone. It’s great for downtime between working and sitting in class, or waiting in the atm line at the bank, etc. You just tap to move through a story, and you have to do it with intention because there’s no going back, so it forces you to be present in the act of reading.  The app is free to download and available for Android devices and iDevices. 

I also love that while it was designed with being read on mobile phones in mind that there is still a web version for people who don’t have smart phones.   So if you don’t have a smart phone or its charging or something, you can come to the web page and dive right into the featured stories on the main page. Instead of tapping to navigate through the stories, you’ll click.  

If you click Explore near the top of the page a drop down menu appears that will let you select via the categories Entertainment, Experimental, Inspiration, Kids, Literature, and News. 

If you want to create your own, just click the Write Your Own button. On the page you’ll find four tutorials to the different ways you can create a Tapestry of your own. Once you’ve clicked through all the tutorials, you can use the button below it to create that style of Tapestry. 

So what are you waiting for?  Go share your stories today, and read stories that have already been shared too!



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