Adobe Reader Bookmarks & Thumbnails: How Do I Use Them?

Judith from Sydney, Australia writes:

On the left/hand side of your monthly emagazine there are three icons – i.e. Thumbnails, Bookmarks, Attachments. Would you give details of how one would use these features.  I am a 79 years old “learner”. Thanks for all the helpful tips and information I have gained from reading the daily newsletters and monthly emagazine.

Judith, the icons you are seeing are on the side of Adobe Reader, the PDF reader, you’re using to read our monthly e-magazine. Adobe Reader is a very useful program and is available for free from Adobe at this link.

Page Thumbnails will show you pages from the PDF file by thumbnails. This is especially helpful if you’re looking for  a particular image.

You can select Page Thumbnails to look through the entire PDF by thumbnails of the pages.

You’ll get a full view of all the pages in the document. You can select any page by clicking or tapping on it.

Bookmarks make it easier for you to locate certain sections of the document that have been bookmarked.

Select a bookmark and you’ll be taken to that section of the document.

You can also choose to print bookmarked sections.

Attachments would be where you could view any attachments that might be connected to a PDF file. You shouldn’t see any of them with our e-Magazine, but some PDF’s might contain one.

Hope that makes things a little clearer. Keep on learning Judith.

~ Cynthia

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