Target Registers Infected By Malware

The CEO of Target admitted that the company’s massive security breach where the personal information of millions of shoppers was stolen, was caused by registers at stores that were infected with Malware.

Forty million debit/credit card accounts were affected and personal information of another 70 million consumers was also exposed. That information includes names, phone numbers, addresses and e-mail addresses.  The information was stolen during the busiest shopping time of the year: November 27 to December 15.

Google Spends $3 Billion For Home Automation Company

Google is taking a big leap into home automation. The company spent for than $3 billion dollars to purchase Nest, a company best known for making smart thermostats. Google will pay $3.2 billion in cash.

The tech giant has a significant share of the tablet and phone market with its Android operating system, so it seems like a natural step to build smart home devices that can be controlled by apps.

 Blackphone Promises Totally Private Calling

A new Android phone promises to put privacy in your hands. It’s called the Blackphone and developers say this independent phone will let you make secure calls and texts.

It was created by a group of security specialists who promise privacy along with other smartphone features.  The phone will make its debut in February at the Mobile World Congress. It’s expected to go on sale early this year.

~ Cynthia