Mary Louise writes:

I hope you can help. I got Chromecast and connected my tablet and phone to my TV. When I download a TV show from Google play store it plays fine on the tablet, but only plays about 5 minutes before locking up when I cast to the TV. I can hit pause/play and it starts back up but stops again in two or three minutes. I don’t know if I should call a computer repair for a faster router. Can you help or point me in the right direction?

Hi Mary Louise,

It sounds like the video is trying to buffer through your cable connection. You could call your cable company and ask for a faster connection, but my first suggestion would be to change the settings to make the streaming quality lower.

Clicking on the Chromecast logo in the upper right corner of the browser to see what Chromecasts are visible on your network and  the title of what’s currently being cast to your TV, along with media controls. Here, you  have the option to cast a tab in the Chrome browser to your TV, and to change streaming quality.

Some other notes for those who may be looking into setting up the Chromecast – First, you must use an actual computer to set it up and change those settings, not just a tablet. Also, after changing the settings, it is suggested to reboot the computer to be certain the settings have saved and will save to your tablet, phone, or other devices.