Dear Percy Jackson Fans

The day before yesterday I shared the exciting tale of how I managed to unintentionally offend a whole lot of Percy Jackson fans.

I was a little surprised by the behavior of these young fans. But today I was pleased to see a flood of apologies appear in my inbox where previously suggestions that I might want to off myself had appeared.

Clearly someone among the reasonable and articulate fans of Percy Jackson had pointed out this incident and these fans wanted to make sure they were not misrepresented by people with bad tempers, poor grammar and potty mouths.

Since I showed some of the negative comments, I’ll share some of the heartfelt apologies I received.

I was truly heartened by the sentiment, the spelling and the grammar.

Here a lovely young lady named Sia offers some useful advice for living in general.

Listen pleasant Percy Jackson Fans who get the joke about the blue food, there’s no need to apologize. You didn’t do anything. And I would never paint the lot of you with the same brush as I would people who get downright threatening and abusive.

Just as I would never lump the people who were just cracking on me for not sharing their taste for blue food in with someone whose wittiest retort is “screw you muggle.”

But I do appreciate hearing from polite and articulate people. So thanks for your good thoughts. And thanks for visiting my blog. There are some delicious recipes for non-blue foods. Some of you might appreciate my Marvel Movie Marathon Menu.  And before you say anything, blueberries are purple. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

And I can sympathize with your concern of a few rude apples reflecting badly on a whole group of fans. As you can see from the photo at the top, (taken during the summer of 1987)
I am a fangirl  from the dawn of fangirldom. I bleed TARDIS blue and would gladly eat a TARDIS cake or cookies. Because I really don’t dislike blue foods that much. The Blue Food page is just a joke. Inspired by an old George Carlin (Google him if you are 18 or older) routine about blue food. I’d post it here, but since some of the folks I’m talking to are minors, I think I’ll set an example by watching the language.

Listen, you don’t know what it is to be an embarrassed fan until you’ve sat at a Star Trek convention and listened to some very strange dudes basically interrogate the widow of the show’s creator. CRINGE!

I’ve been in a scuffle with an obsessive doll collector at a Barbie show. I know bad fans, they are no different from rude, confrontational people in any other situation.

They use excuses like defending a fandom, a team or whatever else they can conjure up to excuse their behavior.

There’s no excuse for being rude. Or for bad spelling.

For me, being a fangirl/fanboy is about enjoying the heck out of what you like. There should never be a component of ganging up and attacking others. There’s never a reason to look for a fight. It’s all in good fun.

Although I do need to give a shout out to the person who said she would report me to Facebook for hate speech! You kind of made my day.

And I don’t hold it against Percy and the rest of the Olympians.

Live long and prosper 🙂

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