Can I Use Acrobat Pro On My Surface?

Patricia from Poloius, CT writes:

Can I transfer my Adobe Acrobat Pro to my Microsoft Surface tablet and have it work correctly?

Patricia, that will depend on which version of the Surface you own.  If you own the Surface Pro or the Surface Pro 2, you should have no problem. The Surface Pro tablets are fully functional PCs. Models that run on Windows RT, however cannot support PC versions of programs.

Here are some of the major differences between the devices. The Surface Pro operates using an Intel-based processor. The Surface RT uses an ARM-based processor. That means that a Surface Pro can run full Windows desktop programs like Office, Photoshop and Adobe Acrobat Pro. The Surface RT runs apps downloaded in the Windows App store.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get a lot done with a Surface RT. There are app versions of Microsoft Office and other programs.Plus the Surface RT is much lighter and less expensive than a Surface Pro.

Looking in the Windows Store, I don’t see an App version of Adrobe Acrobat Pro, but I do see a variety of other PDF editors that may meet your needs.

I would advise anyone deciding between purchasing a Surface RT and a Surface Pro to consider if there are any Windows desktop programs you absolutely need to run. If you are leaning towards an RT, check the app store and make sure there’s an RT compatible app version of that program.

I’ve used a Surface Pro as my main computer for almost a year and I really do love it.

~ Cynthia

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  1. The Surface Pro is running the full Windows 8 operating system so standard applications available on the desktop such as Adobe Acrobat will run on it. For a tablet, it may make more sense to use a more affordable PDF software on a tablet, so you may also consider cheaper alternative such as PDF Studio (I am a developer), or Bluebeam.

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