Perfect Gadgets For Travel

So you’re ready to do a little traveling – grab a backpack and and hit the road as you take time to explore yourself and the world around you. There’s lots to look forward to in the adventure that lies ahead, but it’s also important to be properly prepared with any equipment and technology that will ensure your safety and comfort along the way.

Check out the following items that seasoned travelers have dubbed worthy, and use this as a starting point as you complete your checklist. Bon voyage!

1. Ultrabook or Small Laptop

According to an old Spanish proverb, even a straw becomes burdensome when on a trip. Lightweight is decidedly the way to go, so use that same line of thinking when it comes to your laptop. The lighter and slimmer, the better. Consider an Ultrabook to reap the benefits of functionality, connectivity and durability, without the bulk.

2. Camera

According to Travel Independent’s backpacking list, stick with an inexpensive point and shoot unless you’re an avid photographer. Better yet, enlist the camera on your Smartphone for great-quality photos. Go a step further if you’re planning on embracing your wild side with some hiking, biking or white water rafting while you travel—sports cameras are worth stretching the budget. The GoPro Hero 3 is a top-notch option for quality action shots, and offers both photo and video settings. You might even invest in a waterproof case or head-mount for a hands-free option.

3. Unlocked Cell Phone

This can be a lifesaver when you’re on the road: An unlocked cell phone just means that the phone is not locked to a particular network, so you can purchase an international SIM card at any of your destinations and instantly stay in touch or make emergency calls. A local SIM card could save you hundreds of dollars that you might otherwise spend on roaming charges in a foreign country. Visit your service provider for more information and recommendations specific to your model.

4. eBook or eReader

Even if you’re a die-hard old-school reader who’s in love with the feel of a hardback in hand and the smell of real ink and paper, you might want to consider switching to an eBook to keep up with your reading list while you travel. Although they have that nostalgic smell, books can be bulky and take up unnecessary room in your bag. If you’re purchasing for the sole purpose of reading and basic web-browsing, choose a reader with fantastic battery life, WiFi capability, and free 3G—like the Kindle Paperwhite—over a tablet-style device, with a battery life of only a few hours. You’ll appreciate the difference when you’re in transit.

~ Mary Clark

3 thoughts on “Perfect Gadgets For Travel

  1. Great tips! I will keep this list with my travel documents — especially purchasing a local SIM card while traveling saving on roaming charges and more importantly making emergency calls!

  2. Good list, but how about a travel router that will take a wireless signal and create a secure hotspot, say at a Starbucks. Is there such an animal powered by the USB of the laptop?

  3. In North America, tablets do not have to be removed from carry-on bags for security checks. Laptops do. MUCH more convenient to travel with tablets! Sadly, this does not necessarily hold true in other parts of the world.

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