End Of XP Angst

D.M. from the UK writes:

Not a question but a response to Suz’s comment on XP. 2014-01-20. I too have XP and after reinstalling XP again(3rd time), have not downloaded any MS security updates or others for over two years. Mainly because I have found them to bloat the system which slows it down considerably while not giving any advantage. I have Avira Antivirus, and they have told me that they can guarantee their antivirus for XP until March 2015. I have run this antivirus twice a year, and have not had any virus or malware detected. So maybe you would suggest I “get a couple of lotto tickets” also. XP is a really good system, it does all I want and much more. Pity that the 45% of people still using it will have to change, although they probably don’t want to. Myself, I’ll go for Windows 7 with XP format (can’t see why I should retrain when I don’t need to) Thanks to WorldStart we can put our thoughts forward. And receive other’s thoughts.

While Avira will continue to work with XP systems, that doesn’t mean they’ll have access to new vulnerabilities. What that means it that users will have protection against previously known threats. But as for new threats:

Avira issued this statement when asked about XP Support: “Do not forget that the best way to stay away from troubles is to have up to date software, especially an up to date operating system. Unfortunately, since Microsoft will not patch security vulnerabilities of XP anymore, there will be other problems arising. Malware authors will target more and more¬†from now on this operating system, knowing that any vulnerability they find will remain there for good. This is why we strongly recommend to migrate from XP as soon as possible.”

But as I’ve said, the choice is yours. Thanks for reading, we enjoy hearing your opinions. I’ll return to being a broken record… Since I’m encouraging everyone to update, maybe a scratched CD…¬† or to be really current, a glitchy live stream.

~ Cynthia

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