This is a really fun site to visit when you’re bored. I like to make up captions, thought bubbles, and speech bubbles for photos. The cool thing about this site is that you can either use your own photos  via your computer, phone, or Facebook, but you also have the option to select from random stock photos. 

So the first step is to decide where your photo is going to come from.  Either from your collection or the random stock photos. Once you’ve decided and the picture has loaded, you can begin.

The next step is to select the type of thought/speech bubble you’d like from the drop down menu (it should automatically open to this when your photo loads) and then place it where you’d like on the photo by dragging it. The speech bubbles have a menu to the right that allow you to allow you to close out of it (X), change the font to all lowercase or all capital letters (Aa), or resize the bubble (double arrow button). 

Drama  lets you select different filters that you can apply to your image. They are No Drama (no filter), Lomo, Nashville, Toaster, and Gotham City.

When you’re all done, just click the Preview & Save  button at the top of the page.  You’ll be shown a preview image, and then be asked for your e-mail address for a download link and to decide whether or not you want the image kept private. Once you’ve decided, click the Alright, Save It! button. 

If you didn’t chose to make it private, along the left side you’ll have options to share your image over Facebook or Twitter, to download it, or share it via e-mail. You can also use the Complain About It if you run into images with content that is not appropriate. You also have the option to Create a New Image so you can go back to making images. 

This is pretty fun to do with friends and family and then share them among yourselves. Go check it out today!


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