Forget Windows 7 & 8, Replace XP With Linux Ubuntu

You may not be familiar with Linux. It’s an operating system for computers, like Windows. And while the argument could go on forever over which system is superior (both systems have their pros and cons), I think Linux could be a particularly good choice for users forced to switch from Windows XP because Microsoft is ending security support on April 8, 2014. It can be a particularly good choice for those with older computers.

In fact, it’s a superior system to XP.  XP is user-friendly, but a lot has changed in the 12 years since XP was launched. And now that Microsoft is ending support, XP is highly vulnerable to external threats such as viruses and malware.

If you’re looking for a change from Windows, consider trying a brand new experience with the Linux platform. Now compared to Windows, Linux doesn’t have a large percentage of users, but in my experience it’s a much better system. It will give you much more than you get from Windows XP or even from Windows 7 or 8. 

Let’s talk about why you should consider switching from Windows XP to Linux Ubuntu. 

Security:  Ubuntu claims to be a virus free OS, and has indeed has been so far. You won’t hear users complaining about malware or viruses slowing out their PC’s while using Ubuntu. On the other hand, as  we discussed earlier, Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft.  In others words if you are using Windows XP, then you are more likely to be to be affected by malicious software.

Speed:  If you have an older computer  Running Wndows XP,  then you have probably experienceed lagging PC speed. The reason behind that is because XP utilizes a huge portion of your system resources and begins to slows down your PC after awhile. But a fresh install of Ubuntu runs for a long time without any lag. You can experience a smooth running system even years after install since it uses a lesser amount of resources and boosts  performance in  older machines.

Cost:  A very important point is that Linux is free, while Windows OS cost hundreds of dollars. You do not need a product key to activate Linux after installing. It’s a great option if you’re not looking to spend any more money.

Space: Ubuntu occupies much less hard drive space than XP.   Other versions of Ubuntu such as Xbuntu, take up even less space and provide almost the same functionality.

Drivers:  There’s is no headache of installing drivers for  audio, video and graphics from external sources in Ubuntu. The OS automatically detects your hardware and installs the latest drivers.  Even if you have lost your drivers, you can still acquire sound and video drivers automatically while using Ubuntu.

Software: Ubuntu comes along with a cluster of useful software  absolutely free  with no catches or hidden charges.  Software like Firefox, Chrome, Libre Office, Open Office and many more can be found at Ubuntu Software center. Another special software, Wine, helps you run most of your Windows based software without any trouble at all.

Customization: Ubuntu users have full customization options. You have the choice to change your desktop colors, task bar sizes and make custom side bars.

Please note, I’m not against Microsoft or Windows. But the Linux OS offers some great options and a free alternative for upgrading.  Do not that you may not be able to run every Windows program with Linux, but if you’ve got basic needs like e-mail, browsing the Internet and simple word processing and spreadsheet work, this is a great free alternative.

~ Nelson Gomez


0 thoughts on “Forget Windows 7 & 8, Replace XP With Linux Ubuntu

  1. Good article though I do have a couple of points I would like to make.

    I think Linux is an excellent choice for folks with older computers that are still functional especially if all they normally do is browse the Web, do e-mail, and write a few documents. In fact I recommend it also under those conditions. However Linux doesn’t really offer a lot more than Windows, in fact while there are tons of free and not free programs out there for Linux there are still more for Windows and sometimes the Linux ones just don’t look and feel the way users are used to them acting. Don’t get me wrong they are good they just take some getting used to.

    Linux today is more secure than XP but any system can get malware if the malware writers target it, especially browser type malware.

    I am curious why you equate Linux with Ubuntu Linux and didn’t even mention that there are many distributions of Linux available from many sources. Personally I like Ubuntu best also but at least mention that the others exist. Red Hat, Suse, and many others are also available, free, and work very well.

    1. Your comment is quite sensible, thank you so much for that. But I like to point out a few things here. I have no hard feelings against Windows. Secondly this post is about Ubuntu so no other Linux distribution is mentioned here. Thirdly, Linux users are quite happy with their software in comparison to Windows since they are getting it free of cost and it is comparable to Windows! Lastly, Linux is really a Malware free zone unless some or other malware writers must took the initiative to corrupt it, but till now this hasn’t happened.

      Stay tuned for more Linux distribution.

  2. Very good article. I had forgotten about Ubuntu, and had planned on using my old desktop computer as an extra storage disk when XP dies in April.

    Couple of questions come up: would I have to do a complete format on the computer before installing Ubuntu?

    Can I install Ubuntu over XP?

    Would it run the same on DSL, U-verse, dial up as Windows or is an upgrade in internet service required?

    When will support end for Vista & 7? I don’t plan to buy any more computers, to keep up with the current OS. (Personally feel the Microsoft has gone down the toilet since they tried to improve XP with Vista, 7, 8, 8.1…). But willing to give Ubuntu a try if somebody can write a detailed article on how to make the transition.

  3. Yes you can surely do that Bob, install Ubuntu over Xp. An article with detailed explanation would be provided as soon as possible.

  4. Please email me when the installation article is written. I have an older laptop with Vista on it that I would like to upgrade to Linux if possible. Thanks in advamce.

  5. Please put me on that distribution list also when the installation article is written. Thanks in advance.


  6. This solution fits my sister to a T. She does not want to switch her XP to even Vista because of the cost but mostly because she is vision impaired and the program she uses to get the computer to talk to her is called J.A.W.S and it is $800 to replace the XP version. I wonder if Ubuntu has a speech program similar to JAWS? Or if that open source speech program has an Ubuntu version?

    1. Keith,

      Ubuntu 10.10 comes with pre instaled Espeak which is a text to speech synthesizer software similar to windows JAWS.

  7. Thanks for this article. I had forgot all about Ubunto and I know my grandsons use it – they gave up on Windows a long time ago. I just might try this on the old XP computer instead of just setting aside forever and if I like it switch to it also on the newer Win7.

  8. I have an extra computer with xp and have tried downloading but it has several to choose from and I have not been able to download it yet, can you help me?

  9. Thank you for the article on Linux. I am a pensioner & cannot justify paying hundreds for an OS when I am happy with XP. I think it is money grabbing. Anyway my son was explaining the merits of Linux to me so am interested in reading the “how to” when you post it. I think I will give it a try. Thank you for all your help it is appreciated.

  10. any idea on when that article on how to install will be available.this will save us from having to purchase a new OS . THANKS

  11. It will be a sad day letting go of my XP – I run two other PC
    with 7- but there is no comparison to the clean simple – friendly XP.

    My question – can I maintain and run my programs / and not use the
    internet at all on XP….Word and Publisher work so much better on XP
    than on Win 7 …..Keep me posted for Linus and THANKS FOR THE INFORMATION
    ON SAME. I join those waiting …
    Thank you for your wonderful coverage on things we need to know.

  12. I have an old Dell laptop with windows XP which has been rarely used. I upgraded to windows 8 which took up all my disc space with no room for updates. So, I installed Ubuntu which does not work at all. I tried to use the Dell factory reset disc and get a message that my system is not reconized as a genuine Dell computer and refuses to install. How can I resolve this problem so that I can properly install Ubuntu. I only have 86GB disc space on this computer. Thaks for your assistance.

  13. Tried Ubuntu, but found Linux Mint better for me. l installed it on my old 2005 eMachine completely wiping out XP. Liked it so much that I bought another HD for my Win7 computer and installed Mint as a dual boot system. Now I find that I’m using Linux 99% of the time, only going to Windows once a week just to udate. My wife’s Win7 laptop was giving her trouble by crashing all the time. No problem, intalled Mint, her laptop is better than new and she is happy.

  14. I to can’t wait for the article to come out, having used only windows for past 20 yrs change worries me but on the other hand my XP machine is running fine, it was made to my spec’s and I really don’t want to give it up, thought a laptop would be a good replacement but to get a small laptop and keep what I have would be great, but what about my wallpaper, screensaver, spreadsheets, email address, correspondence, auto bill pay, seems overwhelming, looked for a manual at our library, they hadn’t heard of any other OS except Mac, so much for that.

  15. Please add me to your circulation for the latest on “XP to Ubuntu conversion”. It sounds like a good alternative. Thank you.

  16. If I have Ubuntu and my correspondents do not: if I sent them an attachment using a word processing or spreadsheet program, will they be able to open it?

  17. Please add me to your circulation for the latest on “XP to Ubuntu conversion”. It sounds like a good alternative. Thank you. Even bought a new Laptop with Win 7 Premium on it…but I much prefer my trusty DELL Inspiron with XP Professional for my email and internet surfing and research…

  18. I just made the switch to Linux, using it as a dual boot to my Windows 7. I use the Mint 16 with the Cinnamon desktop. It is much like Windows, so learning curve is not so steep. Love it!

  19. Great information. I have 5 computers and hate to spend all that money for op systems. One of my laptops has XP so will try Linux Ubuntu. Thanks Steve.


  21. I have a 32 bit system with less than 1GB ram. I tried to download Ubuntu but failed. Is there a version suited to my system?

  22. How can I check to see if a windows program that I must continue using is compatible with the Ubantu system. Does anyone know if Microsoft “Picture It” can be used with Ubantu?

    1. No Windows-based program is compatible with Linux unless you use an emulater surch as Wine. (This is not to say that your data files are incompatible; Word .doc files can be used in OpenOffice or LibreOffice.) If you use Picture-It for photo editing I suggest looking at GIMP, which is an open source free equivalent to Photoshop.

  23. I have an older laptop I’m running Windows Explorer XP. Age 72. Don’t know new versions and browsers. Want to fix my laptop cause it’s constantly crashing but don’t have a guide to help me with the upgrades. Where can I get help with my obvious dilemma??

  24. See my reply above for help due to laptop running Windows Explorer XP and needing help to upgrade. I’m age 72 and trying to get back on line but don’t know the new systems and have become computer illiterate. I need help. Guidance as to what to start with that I’ll be able to understand. Please. Can you assist me? I used to order from Worldstart frequently. Coolchic44_98 etc. if Steve recalls me from years ago. Please respond. Thank you.

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