Mystery IQ Test

Whenever I get addicted to something I love to pass it on to all of you! Well that’s exactly what today’s site is! I am super addicted to this Mystery IQ Test game. 

It’s so addicting that my roommate often ends up behind my chair watching my progress through the levels. The premise is that your character wakes up in a strange room, reads a note, and discovers that there are 30 puzzle rooms he has to make it through in order to get back home. You don’t know where you are, who put you there, or why they are testing your IQ. 

Navigating the game uses the arrow keys, space bar, mouse, and keyboard. 

Once you get to the site press play, and then read the note in the room, after that you’ll have to pick the level of difficulty you want to play the game on.  The difficulty levels are Safe, Casual, and Challenging. I’m working through the Challenging level. The levels are the same, the difficulty is just increased for taking hints or getting a solution. 

If you absolutely get stuck, and don’t want to lose points for a taking a hint or solution, you can always check out the walk-through video below the game. It’s almost eight minutes long, but walks you through the entire run of Casual difficulty. I noticed when watching it through after beating it, that some boards (mainly the ones with tiles you walk on) have multiple solutions. 

Well are you ready to test your IQ in the Mystery IQ  Test? Who has abducted you and why are they testing your puzzle solving skills? Find out by beating the game!


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