Outlook: Can I Reply Without Original Message?

Marie from Missoula writes:

Is there a way of setting reply messages in Outlook without the prior received message tagging on?  Thanks, I really like your daily helps. A 78- year- old fan.

Ask yourself this question first, Marie. Do you really want to reply to that message or do you just want to contact that person. Hitting reply indicates that your message is in reference to that e-mail. That’s why previous exchanges are included, in case you reference something from the message. This way the recipient can see what you’re talking about. Some people will use reply because it’s convenient and that can cause confusion later when you really

If your intent is just to message the person who sent the e-mail about a different topic, just hit the plus sign next to New in the Outlook inbox.

Then select To and type in a contact or choose someone by scrolling down the list.

Now, if you really intend to reply to the message, but just don’t want the clutter, you can delete all that other stuff.

Left-click at the beginning of the information you wish to delete and then just hold down and drag to highlight all of it. Or click at the beginning, hold down shift and then click again at the end of the information.

Hit the delete key and all that extra information should disappear.

Those screen shots are for Outlook.com, but you can use exactly the same method to remove extra text in the Outlook e-mail client. But if you are using the Outlook e-mail client on your computer, you can do away with the original message being included in replies pretty easily.  Select File:

Then Options

When the Options window opens, choose mail.

Scroll down to Replies and forwards.

Click the drop-down arrow next to When replying to a message and select Do not include original message.

Hopefully, one of these suggests will help.

~ Cynthia

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