Robots Have Already Taken Over: Part 2

Robots are everywhere!

Most people are not aware that robots are all around us and they already control many important aspects of our everyday lives. In part one of this article, we looked at how robots have taken to the skies and can help you manufacture objects at home. Today we’ll look at more ways you can take part in the robot revolution.

#3 – Build your own

The coolest trend in the robot industry is the opportunity to build your own robot.

This allows you to be a modern day Dr. Frankenstein if you will.

You can also get young people involved too here’s the most popular option to get the youth interested in Robots:

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 31313


This entry level programmable robot features:

  • Wi-Fi Internet connectivity
  • USB and microsd card reader.
  • 4 motor ports, 3 interactive servo motors
  • Remote control
  • Color sensor, touch sensor, infared sensor

Then when your youth or you get more advanced you can discover what’s happening in the world of Raspberry Pi robotics.

Upgrade to the Raspberry Pi Starter Kit which sells for less than $100 and then add the components that your robot needs like a Peristaltic Liquid Pump, a Raspberry PI 5MP Camera Board Module, or a BrickPi Basic Power (which is also compatible with Lego robots).

 #4 – Buy one off the shelf.

When I was growing up the only robots we could buy were the useless talking dogs or baby dolls that moved and said stuff.

They were about as interesting as dirt.

Fast forward to today and the robots are actually doing important things, like chores.

One of the most popular consumer robots available now has to be the iRobot vacuum cleaner:


The latest model, the iRobot Scooba 450 is priced at around $600 and features:

  • Vacuum cleaning so you don’t have to sweep.
  • Three cycle soak-scrub-squeegee so you don’t have to mop.
  • Talks to you.  The device alerts you with its behaviors.


Another popular robot innovation for your home is actually for your pet.

The CatGenie 120 is a Self-Flushing Self Washing Cat Box.

Now the insanely disgusting task of cleaning out your cat box can be done robotically.  The CatGenie sells for around $300 and features:

  • Automatic washing, flushing, and drying.
  • Capable of supporting up to two cats.
  • Eliminates the need to touch, change, smell or buy cat litter.


Sorry there’ isn’t a dog walking robot available quite yet.

It would be useful to have a robot scoop all the dog droppings from the yard wouldn’t it?

I’ll keep you posted when there’s finally something developed for the dog people of America.

  Now it’s over to you. 

How many robots do you own? Do you plan on buying more?


[Image Credit Flickr – Creative Tools]

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  1. The problem with the cat genie is you have to hook it up to your sewer line or septic tank. So unless you feel like putting a hole through your exsisting foundation and running another sewer pipe to the exsisting one that you already have for your toilet it won’t work. Also you have to buy the chemical to disinfect the litter. I think I will continue to scoop out my litter box.

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