Can I Sync Google Calendar With My Spouse?

Mike from New Milford, CT writes:

Both my wife and I use Gmail for our calendars and sync them with all of our devices. Is there a way we can sync with each others calendars?

A shared calendar can be a helpful tool in getting your life organized.  Here’s how to make it happen. Log into your Gmail account and choose Calendar

Go to My calendars and select the drop-down menu.


Choose Settings



You’ll see all of your calendars displayed under the Calendars tab.



Next to the calendar you wish to share, choose Share this calendar.



 Under Share with Specific people – you’ll want to type your wife’s e-mail address.



Under Permission Settings, choose what details she can see and also whether or not she can make changes to your calendar.

When you’re happy with the changes, choose Add Person.



Your wife can make the same changes to her calendar and you should be able to share and sync to your heart’s content. 

~ Cynthia

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