Replace XP With Linux Ubuntu: Part 3

With the end of support for Windows XP just a few weeks away, many of you are looking for alternatives that don’t involve spending hundreds of dollars on a new operating system or perhaps thousands on a new computer. For many of you, the  free Linux Ubuntu operating system could be just the ticket. In this article, we discussed the advantages of Ubutnu.

In part one of this article we showed you how to download Ubuntu for free and in part 2, we began the installation process. Now, we will finish up that process.

We have already backed up your XP files, burned an ISO DVD or made a bootable USB drive, download Ubuntu and selected the option to replace Windows XP with Linux Ubuntu.

Now, you will start the installation.  Select the drive where you want to install Ubuntu.  Click on “Install Now” button to start.

Note: Generally Windows XP files are installed on local drive C.  So to remove the existing one and install fresh Ubuntu, select the drive where you have your existing XP files.

Choosing your  location is next. If you are connected with Internet, then it will be selected automatically. If not, then you have to manually select your current location.

Press “Continue” after successfully selecting your location.

Next comes selecting your preferred keyboard layout. You can manually select from various layouts provided by default, or also you can use “detect keyboard layout” for Ubuntu to help you select your desired keyboard layout. Click on “Continue” after completing this step.

Next comes you user account info. It will ask for your name (remember not your username, just your original name), your computer’s name, your Username (this is where you have to insert your PC’s username to login), your password (twice). It will also ask for automatic installation or if you would need password to login. Choose your desired options and click on “Continue”.


Now finally we have landed on our final step. This step is for your Ubuntu account or Ubuntu One. If you are creating a new account then select “I am new Ubuntu user” and enter your email address and password. If you are an existing Ubuntu user, then follow the same step and just select “I am returning Ubuntu One user and my password is:” and provide your existing Ubuntu One password, then press continue.

After the last step, Ubuntu will start to install.

You will be given several tips and tricks for Ubuntu while it installs. As soon as the installation is done, you will receive a dialogue box asking for “Continue testing” or “Restart now”. Click on “Restart now” to complete the installation.

There you go. You have successfully installed Ubuntu on your system, absolutely free of cost. Your PC will not boot dually i.e. run XP and Ubuntu together (which affects the performance crucially), rather it will now only run the latest version of Ubuntu as its default OS. Do enjoy it and don’t forget to comment if you have any questions or click here.

~ Nelson Gomez

3 thoughts on “Replace XP With Linux Ubuntu: Part 3

  1. I had Ubuntu put on part of laptop “with” XP.
    Supposed to be able to use either.
    Except I do not know what my pass word is. Can not open either.Did not write down right pw.
    Done when I lived in Pa, now in Florida.
    What do I do to get it to open?????

    1. You say you had it put on the computer. If the person or company who put the operating system on your computer chose the password, it’s possible he/she/they might still have it on record or have a default password they use for those situations. If you picked the password, I’d suggest trying standard passwords you’ve used before, being careful with the spelling and things like capitalization.

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