My Camera Won’t Work With A Memory Card

Molly in Tacoma Park, Maryland writes:

I have a Samsung Digimax L85 camera that I’ve used for several years with a memory card. Unfortunately, I lost my memory card a few months back. I’ve purchased two different SDHC San Disk memory cards  and neither one of them will work with my camera. I’ve tried formatting the cards as instructed and nothing happens. The camera was working find before I lost the card. What should I do next?

Molly, I did a little checking around online and discovered that our camera uses SD memory cards and is not compatible with SDHC memory cards. SDHC cards have a greater storage capacity, but are sometimes not compatible with other devices.

You’ll have to look around to find an SD card 2 GB or less that is compatible with your camera.

~ Cynthia

One thought on “My Camera Won’t Work With A Memory Card

  1. I have to same camera. I use an Sandisk 2.0GB SD memory card. Cynthia is right, we cant use SDHC, will give memory error. As long as the card says SD, it should work. I am sure if you google it, you can find them and I am sure that this site has them too if I remember right, I got mind here.

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