Have you ever wanted to do some very simple edits to a photo? All you need is to crop or resize it? Or maybe convert it or split it? 

Well now you can do that easily at this site for free!  And it’s so easy to do. Just start by clicking the field that says “click here to select your image” this will open a file browser that will let you select the image from your computer. After that just click the blue Upload Image button. 

Have an image you want to upload from a URL? You can do that too! Just click Upload by URL to reveal where you would paste in the URL of your image. 

After you’ve completed that step you’re taken to the editing interface where you can navigate between editing tabs to create the result you want. Your option are Convert and Resize, Split Image, and Crop Image.  Make your edits and then select what format you want to save your file as. 

Easy as pie, right? You can also get back to the homepage by click the button in the top right should you decide you’d rather edit a different image.


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