In The News 02-28-2014

Tech Giants Form Mega-Lobby

A group of businesses and organizations has banded together to form the WifiForward Coalition, a group that says it wants to find a solution to the WiFi spectrum crunch by finding more unlicensed spectrum to use. What it sounds like is they are creating an incredibly powerful group of lobbyists.

The group lists its goals as protecting and strengthening existing unlicensed spectrum and freeing up new spectrum for a variety of frequencies. Among those on board are Microsoft, Google, Best Buy, the AMerican Lbrary Association, Comcast, Motorola and the Schools, Health & Libraries Broadband Coalition.

The group plans strong lobbying efforts in Washington. About 57% of all mobile data traffic in North America is currently carried by Wi-Fi, and by 2018 that figure is expected to increase to 64% according to figures from Cisco.

For Google and Microsoft, improving Internet access through Wi-Fi allows more users to access their online services, such as Google search and Bing, thus driving more ad revenue.

FireFox To Put Ads On Directory Tiles

Mozilla Firefox has announced that it will start placing advertising content on the browser’s new tabs page. Now, when you open a new tab in Firefox, you see a page like this:

Soon you’ll see sponsored content from advertisers among the choices.  Mozilla isn’t calling it advertising, instead the company calls it “an exploration to transform the user’s content experience.” which will offer “sponsored content from hand-picked partners to help support Mozilla’s pursuit of our mission. ”  Which basically means, they’re putting in ads.

There’s no exact date on when the ads will start to pop up.

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  1. I guess this type of advertising is better than the annoying popups that so many sites bombard us with. At least this type of advertising can easily be ignored, if one chooses. Popups that invade at random, and hijack my screen space, while hiding the close button, are the web equivalent of a door to door salesman. Irritating, and difficult to get rid of. And I do understand that these companies need to find a way to pay for a browser they provide for zero cost.

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