David from St Albans, Vt writes:

Why is it that in Firefox I can’t access my contacts but I have no problem getting to them in Chrome or Internet Explorer? This is when I am in the New Outlook.

Hello David,

I would suggest trying to reset FireFox to its default state, especially since it is only happening when using FireFox. Here’s how:

Depending on your version of Firefox, you would either click on the FireFox button at the top of the screen, and click help, or just click on help in the toolbar. Then click on Troubleshooting Information.

You will see a box at the top that says Reset Firefox.

A reset will create a new user profile. It will keep all bookmarks, history, passwords, and cookies, but will remove any extensions, website specific preferences, search engines, downloads, security¬† and plugin settings, and toolbar customizations. It will save your old profile on your desktop, though, so if it does not fix the problem, you can copy files from the old profile to the new. Please delete the file if you don’t need it, because it could contain sensitive information.