Helen from Morrisville, PA writes:

Is there any possible way to get information from an old 3 1/2″ disk?

It’s possible. You’d need to purchase an external floppy drive that’s compatible with your computer.

Your disk will also still need to be in good enough shape to be read, which can be an issue, since they have a limited life span.

The other challenge is that the data you wish to retrieve must be in a format that’s readable by your current system. For basic text and image files like jpg or tiff, you should be fine. But if the information was saved in a format that’s proprietary to a particular program, you may have an issue. If you only have one disk that from which you need to retrieve data, you might consider checking with a computer store to see if they offer that service. They may be able to retrieve your data for you for a fee.

Good luck!

~ Cynthia