iOS 7: Apps Won’t Download

Cindy from New Orleans writes:

Since upgrading to iOS7 on my iPhone 4, I have not been able to download new Apps or update existing Apps from the App Store.  A dot appears and if I press it then a circle begins to turn (which I interpret as the download) and then a cloud with a down-pointing arrow shows up beside the App.  There is no icon on my desktop for that program.  What does that mean and where are my Apps going?

Looking around, I see that a few other people have experience this issue as well.  From what you describe, I think your apps are successfully downloading. The cloud with the down-pointing arrow signifies that your app has been successfully purchased and is now available in your cloud.

One possibility is that your app is there and you just can’t see it.  It may just be on another page.

Previously you were limited to nine apps in a tab, but that’s all changed with iOS 7. Down at the bottom of the screen here you’ll see that there are two dots.

Tap the second dot to see the next page.

You may have more pages depending on the number of apps you’ve downloaded.  Check through these pages and also make sure that you don’t have a blank page in there accidentally.

Looking at the blank page, you might think that’s all the apps there are, but if you move on to the next page – you may find your missing apps.

~ Cynthia

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  1. I’m having this same issue trying to download a game called Chaos And Order. I press the download button, it looks as if it’s going to download, and then it stops and gives the cloud icon. Now, each time i also get a message letting me know that i won’t be charged a second time since i’ve already purchased the app. It’s nowhere on my iphone, and I can verify that because of the fact that the game takes up 1.6Gb of space and my a available space has not changed at all.Somethings wrong with the app store on my phone and appearently the original poster’s as well.

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