Robert from Mississippi writes:

Like to know if I buy a 32″ or bigger TV monitor  can I keep my computer speaker hookup to my computer  or do I have to hook them up to TV monitor?

Robert, if you are planning on using the large screen primarily as a computer monitor, you’d be better off actually purchasing a 32″ or larger computer monitor as opposed to a TV. A monitor will give you a much better image. The difference between a TV and a monitor is that the television is set up to receive over-the-air broadcast signals and will probably have inputs that work with your cable or satellite provider and devices like game consoles and DVD players. A monitor is specifically designed to work with a computer.

Also, on a television your screen may be bigger, but the resolution may not increase. On a 32 inch TV, certain things may not look legible. Large format monitors offer more resolution and what you see on the screen will be easier to read.

But monitors are generally more expensive, you can get some sweet deals on large TVs if you you shop around.  One question I would ask is what you plan to use your large monitor for most often. Graphics cards can sometimes have issues with HDTVs, so if you are using it for gaming or anything that requires a good graphics card, you’ll probably want a monitor.

Now if you are using an HDTV for a monitor, you will need to make sure that your computer’s graphics card is HDMI-enabled.

Some HDMI enambed graphics cards will support audio on an HDMI connection through an HDMI cable, but not all. If that’s not the case with your computer, it’s possible you can connect a separate audio cable to the TV if it has an audio input.  Otherwise, you can use external speakers from your computer.

~ Cynthia