Shayne from Elkhart writes:

Question, I’ve got an older XP laptop that I’ve been using to convert VHS tapes to digital. I’ve got tons of them and I’ve also been doing it for my friends and family. The gadget that plugs into my VCR and coverts the stuff, won’t work on my new Windows 8 computer. What I want to know, is would it be safe to just keep my old computer for making these files and burning them to DVDs or sticking them on an external hard drive to move to other computers? If I keep the old computer offline, should everything be copasetic?

First of all, Shayne. Thank you for saying copasetic – I love that word.  Secondly, that’s an excellent use for your XP machine. So the answer is like, totally copasetic. Since the only new data it is receiving are those converted VHS files, you should be fine. I’d also suggest taking as many other programs off your XP machine as you can manage in order to make sure it is devoting its full attention to the video conversion process. That may speed things up.

~ Cynthia