Running a Dual Boot with Ubuntu and XP

Bill writes:

I have installed Ubuntu on my XP netbook. However, I didn’t go through the elaborate steps in your two-part tutorial. I just downloaded the Ubuntu installer using Windows. I now have a dual-boot set up — when I turn on the computer, I have a choice of booting XP or Ubuntu. Did I miss out on anything by not using your approach?

Many readers are wondering if, after they install Linux Ubuntu, if they can still keep XP on the computer.  You can run a dual boot with both operating systems. However, you will still leave yourself open to the same security risks if you leave XP open to the Internet.

You could, however, set it up so you disable your network card when using XP, if you only want to use XP for programs and games that you can use offline. That way, when you want to use those programs you just reboot into XP and start to work. Here’s how you can disable your network card.

First, go to the Start menu and click on Control Panel.

Then, click on Network Connections.

You will see all of your available connections, generally an Ethernet connection and maybe a wireless adapter as well. Right click on each one, and in the menu that pops up, click Disable.

Once it is disabled, it will always be disabled unless you physically enable it again. That way, each time you start up into the XP operating system, your computer will be safely offline. The internet connection will still be active when using Ubuntu.



7 thoughts on “Running a Dual Boot with Ubuntu and XP

  1. Rather than dual boot, check into Robolinux. Using Robolinux I have set up XP as a VM inside Robolinux thus it is totally protected from malware. It is simple to do all one needs to do is follow the instructions on their web site.If I can do it, 80+yo< anyone can.

  2. The free VMwarePlayer will also allow booting to Ubuntu and then opening the Player with XP or another OS on it.

  3. Thank you so much for the tech info you are publishing re end of XP I, too, have to replace XP and really don’t want to spend $$$$ for another computer so if I have enough space will download Ubantu, however, I have a notebook I use primarily for embroidery design transfer to my machine, and was wondering how to disconnect my wireless Internet connection and you have answered this question here. I can use “stick” from main computer to notebook to machine. This website is priceless to me. Thank you. PS I’m 76 too.

  4. Ha, a day too late. I decided to replace XP with Linux last night. All was going well until the last minute when it said installation crashed. It sent a report and I briefly had internet access but now i have no pc. I tried booting from stick again but it started in recovery mode. Not a good start. I am creating another boot stick here at work and I will try again tonight. if that fails I have the Windows CD & can load that up again & try this method. It’s good to have you guys holding my hand. Cheers, Jos.

  5. at startup am asked which to use xp or ubantu but for some reason my keypad wont work(i cant highlight ubantu)useing my up-down arrows..any thoughts?

  6. Thanks to all for the advice. I had the same question. Ourfaithful well loved XP has been disconnected since May 2014. We need an extra pc so I installed Ubuntu on a second disk. While looking back at XP I noticed in/out activity on the network, realised that I should have disabled XP internet connection but left it open as I thought the firewall was updating (and then Java and a few others popped up for attention). Scanning with the updated AVG revealed some nasty malware which can only have occurred in the short time that the net connection was open.

    I like the idea of running XP under the protection of Ubuntu and will give it a try as a per the Robolinux above (Bill Hill).

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