The Most Important Tech Tip Of All

Samantha  from New Straitsville, Ohio writes:

I’ve been reading your articles along with questions and responses about what will happen to Windows XP in April. For those who are having a difficult time letting go of XP, I wanted to write with my experience. I just recently switched from XP to Windows 7.  I will grant you, I really didn’t want to. I had been using XP for almost 10 years and was quite comfortable with it. In face, it’s the only system I’ve ever known. I’m 65 and not all that tech savvy so switching was a little scary for me. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to tell you, “It ain’t that bad!” The similarities outweigh the differences. It’s still easy to use. It sill has a start button (which helps making the change so much easier.) I admit, I miss the look of XP, but it’s really not the nightmare I thought i would be. So, if an old gal with meager tech skills can make the switch, I know the rest of you can!

Samantha, you’re wrong in saying that you have meager tech skills and that you aren’t tech savvy. The most important tech skill of  all is being open to learning new things and not being afraid of them. Computer operating systems are much like your TV or your car, you don’t need a great technical understanding of how they work to operate them, you just have to figure out which buttons to push and in what order.

Tech savvy people are those who know that times and tech change and that you have to always be willing to learn and never be afraid of new technology. Let me tell you, I’ve never awakened in the morning and said, “I hope they change out all of our operating systems at work and I have to learn all-new programs.” But because I chose a career in a a field that gradually became more computerized as the years passed, I had no choice but to become computer literate and learn how to troubleshoot all kinds of technical difficulties.

So whether we’re talking about Windows 7, Windows 8, Android tablets, an iPad or any other kind of tech, the most important tech skills are the willingness to learn and no fear. As I’ve told quite a few people over the years who were nervous about new editing systems or servers, “It can’t eat you.”

Have fun learning Windows 7, there are a lot of great new features there. Be sure to check out our Windows 7 tips and if you have any questions, just ask us.

~ Cynthia


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