Where Is This Cloud?

Cheri from Ohio writes:

My question is about this cloud that all the computer systems seem to be going to. I know nothing really about ‘the cloud’ but I do know it’s like a server system that all your stuff goes to but where is this cloud really located at? Here in the US or some foreign country. I don’t trust it and would like to know more about it.

  As we explained in our Cloud 101 Special Report: The cloud refers to the network of computer servers that store, process and share information for a computer program or service. It’s not much different from the old-style computer mainframes that used to take up huge spaces. But these servers are connected to the Internet and each other and have the ability to sync information between all connected users. 

Those servers could be down the street or in another country. The complexes that host these servers are called server farms. Google spent $1.1 billion to build a 57-acre complex in Council Bluffs, Iowa and Apple has a huge data center in North Carolina.  It’s estimated that there are millions of server farms worldwide.

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~ Cynthia

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  1. I don’t see much mentioned about creating ones own external hard drive cloud. I use a western digital black 4t external hard drive as my personal ‘cloud’ and have a back up for that too.
    just an fyi.

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