Can I Upgrade From XP On My Own?

Olive from Glen Burnie, MD writes:

I am 79 yrs have my XP computer & the computer I’m using isWindows 7 but my HP windows XP is my pride & joy has lightscribe & is so easy for me. My question is I have a 1tb back up new,  PCmover & Windows 7 upgrade do you think I can upgrade my XP computer myself ? Both computers are connected to Verizon network.

If your XP computer can handle Windows 7, there’s no reason why you can’t. Click here to use the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor to make sure your old computer can handle Windows 7.

Moving from XP will mean a clean install, so you will need to back up everything you want to save to that 1 TB hard drive before you install Windows 7 on your computer.  Whether or not PC Mover will work for this purpose depends on the version you have. PC Mover Home is primarily aimed at moving from one computer to a new computer. If you have PC Mover Professional, you’re good for an in-place upgrade. If not,  you might want to consider purchasing PC Mover Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant, which will walk you though an in-place upgrade.

You can use the Windows Compatibility Center to determine what programs will still work with Windows 7. Back up the files you wish to save to your external drive, then install Windows 7 on your computer. (Don’t worry, the installation wizard will walk you through it.)

Afterwards, you can transfer your files back to the upgraded computer. As long as you back your important data up first and don’t let the idea of upgrading to Windows 7 scare you, you should be able to do it yourself.

~ Cynthia


0 thoughts on “Can I Upgrade From XP On My Own?

  1. Hey, Cynthia
    Just wish to congratulate you personally for your straight forward recommendations and advice on this whole matter of the NT discombobulation. All your articles for the most part are spot on with excellent information. This article, in particular appeals to me as the most sensible work around.
    Thanks again, James.

  2. For Olive: Go for it! Nothing will teach you more about some of the nuts and bolts of working with an operating system like upgrading your PC or even doing a fresh install (which upgrading from XP to Win 7 or 8 will require) although I do recommend setting aside a substantial amount of time (at least a day) depending on how many programs you will have to reinstall. Then again, doing this upgrade is the perfect time to leave out all the programs and data (can you say clutter? I have tons on MY PC :D) you no longer need or use. Here’s to a smooth and hopefully quick upgrade!

    For Cynthia: I was just wondering how vulnerable my XP PC will be if Shields Up! reports it as totally stealthed behind my router and Norton Internet Security or are the security software vendors also going to end support for XP computers? Like Olive, I need to transition and have a copy of Win 7 Home Premium, just need to set aside the time to do it. That may end up being after the April 8th “deadline.” On a side and more disturbing note, my health insurance provider is still running XP PC’s and none of the medical personnel had been informed as yet at this fairly late date of any plans to upgrade. I sure don’t want my medical premiums to increase because they need to pay “millions” for support while they transition, nor do I want my medical records to be vulnerable. I sure hope they have a plan, as it sort of took them forever to even get their current system in place.

    Thanks and Aloha from Maui!


  3. Thank you thank you I do have PCmover windows 7 upgrade assistant as well as windows 7 upgrade so I’m good to go I hope. Will let you know how it goes Thank you Cheers Olive

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