Lore from Charlotte, NC writes:

I have Windows 7 and was using Internet Explorer 10.  An update showed up and I accidently downloaded it. It was for IE 11 for Windows 7 for 64 based System.  Big mistake.  Now I can not copy/paste.  I used it all the time to send things to my daughter who helps this old lady with things I see or read on computer.  Apparently the dumb download I did messed things up…at least for copy pasting.  Can you help ??? I love your newsletter and all its tips.  Thank you.

I’m not sure if your copy/paste issue is just in IE 11 or applies to any program in your computer.  If the issue is IE 11, we can try a couple of things.

If you need to copy/paste something ASAP, try switching to another browser like Firefox or Google Chrome. You can download either one for free and if IE is the issue, you’ll at least have your copy/paste function back until we can troubleshoot the issue.

Microsoft offers a free tool to  fix issues with Internet Explorer.  Click here to run it and see if that helps.

Another thing we can try is disabling add-ons in Internet Explorer to see if one of them is causing the problem.

In Windows 7 go to All Programs > Accessories > System Tools and select Internet Explorer (No Add-Ons.)

A version of Internet Explorer without add-ons will open.

 If you can copy/paste without issues, it’s time to track down the add-ons that are giving you trouble. You’ll want to shut the no add-ons version of Internet Explorer and open Internet Explorer back up. It’s time search for the pesky add-on that’s causing the problem. Select the gear symbol and choose Manage Add- Ons from the drop-down menu.

Now for the fun. You go down the list of displayed add-ons one at a time and disable them. Check the sites you’re having trouble with in Internet Explorer to see if they work.  By process of elimination, you may be able to find the add-on causing the issue.

You can also re-set IE 11 to see if that makes a difference. Choose Internet Options

Then choose Advanced Options and select Reset.

If that doesn’t help, consider uninstalling IE 11 – that will move you back to IE 10. You can then try re-installing 11 again. Now if we are talking about a larger issue with your computer not able to copy/paste at all – check out this article.

~ Cynthia