In preparation for PC software reviews, I record each step, and the most relevant (hopefully) is shared with WorldStart readers. The planned review of Advanced Win Utilities Free followed that same procedure but, as is often the case, when a program is installed, other–perhaps undesirable–programs are unknowingly added along the way. That happened with this installation so, what was originally intended to be a software review, instead became an article about additional (and unwanted) software which installed itself.

My documentation usually includes a series of screenshots, along with notes describing material not available in the images. In this case–once the problem was discovered–the screenshots alone provided the information required to address it. If you’d like to learn more about taking and saving screenshots, click here. Screenshots can be saved to your computer (MS Paint can be used for this), or pasted into documents (Word, OpenOffice Writer, etc.).

With my installation of Win Utilities, once the set up was complete, I was alerted to the installation of another program, Conduit Search Protect.


Since the culprit had a name and there was a record, it was just a matter of retracing the recorded steps to see if it was included in the installation of Win Utilities.

It was, and an attempt was also made to install a program called PureLeads. And both attempts were made in a particularly sneaky way. As displayed below, during the Install Conduit Search Protect step, there doesn’t appear to be an opt out option. Also, this looks exactly like a standard installation step, rather than the usual additional software request that is often seen during set up.


In this case, in order to opt out, it was necessary to click the radio button beside Custom installation and uncheck the box which then appeared below.


In the end, I decided that Advanced Win Utilities Free–in spite of several flattering reviews–didn’t present any features that justified keeping it. Also, since only one site I could find offered any reviews, and since none of those reviews mentioned the additional baggage, I suspect the source and validity of those glowing recommendations.

Naturally, many people wouldn’t care to record every step in this process but, when installing software, users should still pay close attention along the way. I always do, and I still missed a significant addition–one that may not have caused any problems–but it was nevertheless an unnecessary and unwanted addition.