Cadillac Comes With Apps, WifFi Hotspot

The ATS features 4G connectivity and a collection of apps. No, it’s not a new smartphone, but a new Cadillac which is being touted as the most-connected car ever.

The 2015 ATS Coupe will have a built-in 4G LTE connection and a Wi-Fi hotspot that will support up to seven devices, offering the promise that you may never need to speak to any of your passengers ever again.

There’s also an in-car app marketplace called the Cue Collection where you can purchase apps using the 8 inch LCD touch screen that comes in the car. Just like a phone or tablet, you can organize, update, download or delete apps.

Among the apps expected to be available for the care are The Weather Channel, NPR, iHeartRadio and Slacker Radio. I am kind of amused by the idea of putting a computer in your car and connecting to 4G in order to download an app that will let you listen to the radio in your car.

 The CUE collection also includes a text-to-voice feature for Bluetooth-enabled smartphones that will read texts aloud to drivers and Siri Eyes-Free for iPhone that will let users connect their iPhones to CUE and use the steering wheel voice activation button for sessions with Siri.

Cadillac says, “Each enables voice-controlled connectivity, to help keep phones in pockets and hands on the wheel.”

All of this comes at a price, the 2015 ATS Coupe is expected to start in the low $30,000 range with tricked-out models running more than $40,000.

~ Cynthia

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