XP Computers 6 Times More Likely To Be Attacked

XP computers are six times more likely to be attacked than Windows 7 systems. That’s the stern warning from Ondrej Vicek, the CEO of Internet security service AVAST.

In a post on the companies website, he says that the end of XP security support means a data breach crisis is looming. He thinks the decision to end security support is a poor one on Microsoft’s part and says the company has not been successful in transitioning XP users to other systems.Though, from some of the e-mails we’ve received here, you couldn’t budge a large number of XP users away from that OS with dynamite.

AVAST’s numbers show that nearly 25% of its customers are still using XP systems.  Plus 30% of computers worldwide are still on XP. He points out that XP is not a particularly safe system as it is. XP users are six times more likely to be attacked than those using Windows 7. With the end of security support for XP, users can only expect to see that number climb.

Vicek was especially concerned that more than 90% of ATMs are still running XP. He also expressed worries over how medical offices running XP could leave private patient data vulnerable to attack.

He then pledged that AVAST would do everything possible to protect XP after Microsoft ceases supports. But the company will be hampered by a lack of data from Microsoft. He also encouraged XP users to stop using Internet Explorer in favor of Google Chrome.

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  1. I can see it, now. Also judging from the comments I have read, I am assuming a large number of people are going to be disappointed when their XP computer is compromised. I understand that the cost of an upgrade is prohibitive for quite a few people, but, facing the potential of their system becoming completely useless, if infected, I don’t understand the reluctance. Given the time elapsed since this problem was first announced, most of them could have put away 5 or 10 dollars a month, an, thus, defrayed all, or most of the cost of an upgrade. But it seems to be easier to place the blame on Microsoft being greedy, and wanting to make money by forcing consumers to upgrade.

  2. The whole thing of Windows XP not being supported by Microsoft sucks. What about us ones on a fixed income who cannot afford a new computer! We’re all just screwed, I guess. Thanks Microsoft for putting us all n a BIG BIND.

    1. Question: Were you a Windows OS user before XP was released? If so, what did you do when Windows 95, or 98 went out of date? People need to realise that nothing lasts forever. The Ford Model T was state of the art, for its time. But how many of them are still being driven? Compare XP to any vehicle manufactured in 2001. The NHTSA has determined that Fatalities per 100 million miles, and injuries per 100 million miles have been greatly reduced in the past 13 years. Would you consider that a bad thing, and still want 200 model year vehicles to still be produced?

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