This is a Cool Site Update: Pinstagram has changed to Pictacular. Originally they were a mash up of Pinterest and Instagram, it looks like they’ve ditched the Pinterest mash up bit. But they’re still bringing you the best way to use Instagram on the web!

I love to use this site when I browse Instagram on the web, because I find Instagram’s own interface clunky and hard to use. Here you can see multiple images at once, like, comment, and use the Pin button to pin things over to your Pinterest boards.  (Or you can share things via Facebook and Twitter with those buttons). 

To log in you’ll need an Instagram account, as I said before  the downside to Instagram is that it’s an application that you need a device capable of running apps (iPhone or Android, and they’ve added the app for Windows phones now too!) in order to create an account. So the site is geared towards people who want to browse Instagram via a web browser or iPad, etc. 

You can check out the FAQ before you log in, if you’d like as the link is featured on the main page. To sign up, click the Sign In with Instagram button. You’ll put in your Instagram username and password, and then type in your e-mail address and click Save. You can then choose whether or not you’d like to connect your Facebook or Twitter account, or you can choose to skip this step with the Skip button. 

In Chrome, I had a secondary pop-up when I logged in asking me to vote for them in some contest, I closed out of that and just went about adding my e-mail address. I didn’t run into that in Internet Explorer. 

Basically, I just wanted to remind you this site is out there and that they’ve changed their name!