This easy and adorable Easter craft project was brought to my attention by my the lovely and talented Alaina Counts, who is my pretend daughter.

My non-pretend husband helped me out by taking photos and even crafting his own Minions.
Around our house, we love us some Minions from Despicable Me. Our house consists of two middle-aged adults. But that’s  beside the point.
This is crazy easy and made with inexpensive items purchased from your local big box store with perhaps a quick side trip to the craft store.
You’ll need some plastic Easter eggs. Pick out the blue and yellow ones and use the rest for other Easter activities.

Swap the top and bottom and you are half-way there. I see a Minion!

Now you’ll need some google eyes. Make sure you get the self-adhesive kind where you just pull off the paper backing. So much easier than messing around with glue.

The last of our supplies are a black Sharpie and a silver or gray Sharpie. Use a medium tip.

Now, slap some eyes on the eggs.

Take the silver Sharpie and trace a set of goggles around the googly eye or eyes.

Draw on a facial expression with the black Sharpie. Minions can be smiling, sad, bemused or surprised. Check out some of the figurines or some online images for inspiration, but they are very simple expressions, no talent needed.

Put a dot in the middle of the overalls to represent the badge Minions wear. Then trace the headband for the goggles around the head of the Minion.

Now draw on some hair. Either make little lines or go with fat dots.

You can make little black dots for hands if you feel like it.  Try to make each expression just a bit different.

Don’t worry about messing up. This isn’t rocket surgery my friends. They will get better as you go along.  I displayed mine in a blue basket that came with a gift and added yellow Easter grass from the store.

These little dudes are stinking cute! They make me happy!

 Happy crafting!

Update: My craft was PinTested on Full Plate! Check it out!