Resizing Multiple Photos at Once

Pennie asks:

I sometimes receive e-mails with lots of pictures–being a neat freak I always want to forward the mail in the way I would like to get them, with all the pictures the same size. Is there a way I can resize all the pictures at once or do I have to do them one by one ? I use Microsoft 2007. Thanks, Pennie

Thank you for the question Pennie. For the answer, I’ll make a couple assumptions. First, since you’re using Microsoft 2007, I’ll demonstrate how I would handle this in the MS 2007 version of Outlook. Second, when  you say “all the pictures the same size”, I assume you mean proportionally the same (more on that later).

Begin by right-clicking on an image in your email and choose Select All from the menu.


Right-click again, and select Save As…


In order to easily find the images, I created a new folder for them (Photo Edits).


For the editing, I use FastStone Photo Resizer. Click here to read a WorldStart introduction; which includes where and how to download, install, and use FastStone. That article covers all the information required to reach the next step.

Here, all the images from the previously created Photo Edits folder are selected, and added to the Input List and–with the Browse feature–I’ve chosen that same folder (Output Folder) for the edited versions. Then, check the Use Advanced Options (Resize…) box, and click the Advanced Options button.
In Advanced Options, the only editing option selected was to crop the images (Crop tab at the top). Width and height pixels were set to 1200 x 1200. To ensure that all images will be exactly the same, the Switch Width and Height box is unchecked. This is where the earlier question about proportions comes into play.


If the images are originally of different proportions, the crop feature will indiscriminately crop elements from each. For example, the original photo below became the cropped photo below that. In some photos, this won’t matter; in others, it could result in unwanted changes (cropping the top of someone’s head, cropping text, etc,).



Once the options have been determined, click OK to return to the main screen. Click the Convert button and the process begins. Since I’ve chosen to use the same folder for both input and output, the Confirm dialog box below appears. If you do the same, just click Yes To All.
Of course–regarding proportions–I may have misunderstood the question (it certainly wouldn’t be the first time). Either way–using the settings described here, or others FastStone provides–you can easily edit multiple images at once.


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