Can I Share Kindle Books?

Myra from North Richland Hills, Texas writes:
 My cousin and I like to read the same books, some I have on my Kindle and some she has on hers.  Some have been free and some we have purchased. We would like to swap out on some of them.
 When Kindles are registered to the same account, you can read books freely between the devices. When you are talking about Kindles registered to different accounts, there are a couple of options. 
Books purchased through Amazon sometimes have a loan option. Select Your Account on your Kindle or at and choose Manage Your Kindle.
You will see a list of books and apps that you have purchased from Amazon. Choose a book from the list.
You will see a drop-down arrow called Actions.
Click or tap the arrow and may see the option to loan the book to another Kindle user. Not all books have this option, it depends on the publisher. If you don’t see the loan option, it is not available for loan.
When you choose loan, you will see a field to type in the e-mail address of the recipient, his or her name and a message.  Your cousin would receive an e-mail notifying her to claim the book. The loan is good for 14 days.
That’s the only legal way to share most books purchased via Amazon because of the DRM (digital rights management that is built in to every file.) Free books are a different matter. Many of them are DRM free. 
Since Kindles don’t offer the option of a memory card that you can transfer  files to and then give to your cousin, you can share these books in a couple of ways. You could use the USB cord to plug the device into your computer and transfer the free book. Then you could e-mail it to your cousin or she could plug her Kindle in and then copy it to her device. A Kindle will react just like an external hard drive. You can drag and drop the file.
If you’re using the Kindle Fire tablet, you could also move your file to cloud storage and your cousin could download from there.  Though, for most free books, it’s probably a quicker and easier option for your cousin to download it herself.
~ Cynthia

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