Heartbleed: What Can I Do To Stay Safe?

Ernest from Hamburg, NY writes:

First, thanks for the Tech Tip on Heatbleed. The question I have is, as a yahoo user, how do I proect myself from the Bug. Your Tech Tip did not offer a suggestion for protection other than to be careful and monitor account(s), unless I misread the Tip. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Ernest there’s not a whole lot you can do. This bug is affecting the servers of some big name businesses and organizations due to to a serious security flaw in OpenSSL, a coding language used to secure websites. All you can really do is keep a close eye on your bank account and check to find out if any business or service you use has been affected. Once you know for sure they have a patch in place to prevent any more intrusions, change your passwords. Click here to check the safety of a site.

In this case, the thieves won’t get your money by breaking into your house, they’ll steal your cash by breaking into the bank.

P.S. Our site was not affected by this bug.

P.P.S.  This has nothing to do with Windows ending support for XP. Microsoft is not involved with OpenSSL.

~ Cynthia

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