Is Facebook Draining Your iPhone?

A lot of iPhone users have been saying that their phones are losing battery power way too fast.  Tests have shown that Facebook is one of the prime culprits. The app’s location service is always on and running in the background and sucking up battery life.

Other apps that use location services like Maps and Foursquare have the same issue.  You can usually turn off location services within an app by toggling the location services switch to Off. Or you can disable them entirely by going to Settings>Privacy>Location Services.

Also any app that can make calls such as Skype or Viber can constantly be checking for incoming calls.

Apple also suggests that you enable WiFi on your phone. WiFi uses less power than your data plan. Turning on Auto-Brightness can extend the time between recharges as well.

You can also set you phone to fetch mail less often by going to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data and tap Hourly. Turning off notifications for new data can go a long way to preserving battery life as well.  

Now, if you happen to be in an area with poor cell reception, your phone can wear itself out looking for a signal. You might want to consider switching airplane mode if you’re deep in a basement or up in the hills or anywhere else your bars are likely to drop to none.

Another important factor is temperature. If your phone is in a cold car where temperature falls below freezing, that could severely affect battery life. Same goes for heat, your phone does not work well  when it’s over 95 degrees. Apple advises you to keep your phone as close to 72 degrees as possible.

~ Cynthia

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  1. For the apps that use location services and burn battery you could also close those apps. If you aren’t using the map app why leave it open in the background. In addition to saving battery you will reduce memory usage and possibly improve performance, an issue I believe you have addressed before.


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